Forever Young

Friday, February 29, 2008

Lots of Gold and Lots of Toys!

We found Trump International Hotel & Tower while we were walking the streets of NYC! It was filled with lots of gold and marble.

This is looking down at a waterfall inside the tower.

Then we enjoyed checking out FAO Schwarz, including the famous piano on the floor seen in the movie Big. By the way, if you are interested, you can purchase one of these pianos for your own home for only $250,000!

This is another store that our kids would have spent all day in and still not wanted to leave. We thought Bekah would like this rotating Barbie fashion show.
And Brandon would have been excited to see all these Lego creations also!

Central Park, etc.

Yesterday we got to check out Central Park. It is amazing that there are about 843 acres of green land inside a huge cement city. We opted for a carriage ride through a brief section of the incredible experience!

This is the ice skating rink in the park. I remember this rink from the movie Serendipity!

There are so many famous buildings that we are seeing here in the city.
This one is Carnegie Hall.

Of course we had to get some New York Style Cheesecake while we were here. This cheesecake from Lindy's was delicious!

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Last night we had the once in a lifetime opportunity to see a Broadway musical! It was fantastic!! Mary Poppins has been one of my favorite movies since I was a child, so I was very excited to see it would be on Broadway when we were in town. I priced tickets online before we left and was very disappointed to see how much they cost. On our trip into NYC our driver told us of a place to get half price tickets so I was very excited. At 3 pm they open up ticket windows and sell whatever tickets are left for same day shows that start at 8pm. So, I walked down to Times Square and arrived at 3 and found a very long line. I've heard when the weather is better the lines are even longer. They did a great job of herding the people through the lines and it moves quickly. They literally have people who stand there and yell at you, "move up...step forward....keep moving." When I got to the window, I found out they did have tickets available for Mary Poppins. Yeah!! I got two orchestra level seats in row P for about the same price as one ticket in the upper level seats that I had seen online!

We were not allowed to take any pictures during the production, but this is before it started.
Mary Poppins was playing in the beautiful New Amsterdam Theater.

Fun times!

Todd and I are having such a fun time up here in New York. Yesterday we got up early and arrived at the Today Show a little after 7am. Todd had to leave around 8:30 to get to his training class and I stayed until 10 am. We had a few brief appearances on national TV (in case you missed us, my parents recorded it so we'll be glad to show it to you)! My mom said our kids thought it was cool to see us on TV and were waving back at us thinking we could see each other!

Meredith Vieira gets hair and make-up touch ups during commercial breaks!

Matt, Meredith and Al came outside for a segment and we got to see them up close!

Meredith shook my hand!

After leaving the show, I went inside and toured Saint Patrick's Cathedral. It was beautiful!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rainy Day

Yesterday was a rainy day, so we took the opportunity to tour Grand Central Station! It is huge and beautiful and very busy! People were constantly running in all different directions to catch a train or a subway or eat dinner or whatever.

After checking out Grand Central, we went back to Times Square to eat dinner. We ended up in the ESPN Zone restaurant and watched the first half of the UT/Vandy men's basketball game.