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Friday, July 06, 2012

July 4th Celebration!

We always enjoy having Todd home for July 4th and celebrating the birthday of America!  We spent the afternoon with our church family at our pastor's pool.  As usual, he cooked some wonderful BBQ, and we had plenty of great food!  Karis will tolerate getting into the pool now, but she's not a huge fan yet.  The first time we took her to my parents' pool, she would not get in the water and screamed when she got splashed.  We've taken her to a splash park and the seminary pool since then, and on the 4th we were able to have her in the water not screaming, and she even tried to learn to kick her legs!  I think she will learn to enjoy the water someday!

We typically spend the evening of the 4th celebrating with our neighbors.  They put on a wonderful fireworks show!

 Daddy is teaching Karis about sparklers!

 Watching the "snakes"!

We're all ready for the show!  You can check out my Facebook page for some videos of the fireworks show.

Proud to be an American!!


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