Forever Young

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I thought it was time for a little update from our house! We have been staying busy with all the regular stuff: school, dance, karate, Keepers club, science club, Boys book club, etc. We enjoyed a fun day on St. Patrick's Day. The kids had their green breakfast (green eggs, green butter on toast and green milk). We spent some time reading books about St. Patrick and making some fun crafts. I took pictures on my camera and was planning to put some on here. However, the cord that connects to the camera to take the pictures off the card is not working. Todd has ordered some kind of card reader that we can use to get the pictures off the camera, but it hasn't arrived yet. So, hopefully, I'll be able to post those pictures soon.
Todd has been really busy at work working on a big project. On Monday he worked about 16 hours and got home after midnight. He'll be working all this weekend as well. The good part about that is that he will get comp time off to make up for working all the extra hours! So, it's kind of like getting a few extra days of vacation!
We had a fun visit from my Aunt Sharon and my cousin, Kristy a couple of weeks ago. They didn't get to stay long, but we sure did enjoy them while they were here! We all went out to dinner and then spent time playing games at home and just hanging out.
We are excited that spring has arrived and we have been outside enjoying the weather. The kids have been playing with sidewalk chalk, jumping on the trampoline, playing on the swingset and running through the yard. By the way, our swingset is about to fall apart. I'm afraid it might not make it through the summer. I hate to lose it since it gets used so much, but I don't want the kids playing on it if it is not safe. If we get rid of it, I'd love to replace it with some type of fort or something for the kids, but I have no idea how much that will cost.
We are starting to look forward to Easter, and Todd is looking forward to the Together for the Gospel conference coming up soon also (and a visit from Justin!).
I guess that's it for now.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Leavenworth Inn

Todd and I really enjoyed our recent trip to the Leavenworth Inn Bed and Breakfast. The room we chose was located in "The Cottage" which was this huge house. No one else was staying in this house, so we had the whole house to ourselves.

The living room

This was the den with several hundred movies to watch and a 52" flat screen television.

We chose the "Sweet William" room.

We drove to Corydon, Indiana to eat and hang out for a while. We came across this place:

I told Todd it looked like a place that someone on TV would be commenting on. When we got home Todd found this video.

We thought it was funny that someone put a toboggan on this guy, so I decided to sit down and chat with him.