Forever Young

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Stuff

We all enjoyed watching the Olympics this summer.  It was a bummer that so much of it was replayed after the kids had to go to bed though.  Bekah really wanted to stay up and watch the gymnastics, but even I couldn't stay up that late!  One day while watching the games, Bekah decided to create the Olympic rings in Legos!  She's a creative little girl!  And since Brandon didn't have many green Legos, that ring is extra creative!
  And, whatever Bekah does, Karis wants to do too, so here she is posing with the rings! 

Having a sister is.....
 (Bekah created those letters out of Legos too!)

 Summer time is watermelon eating time!
Can you see all the watermelon running down her arms and shirt!?!  That's why we ate it outside!
 These kids and myself polished off an entire watermelon!!  Yum!!

First Day of School

August 6th was our first day of school!  So far everyone is doing well and adjusting to our new routine.  We've got 2 weeks under our belt, so we only have 170 more days to go!

Kooking Karis

Karis was kooking up some krazy kreations!