Forever Young

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


We happened to be in Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday, May 1st, which turned out to be the weekend of the terrible flood in that area. We were trying to get home on I-65 North and because of the flooding our 3 hour trip home took about 8 hours. There were 2 places where the interstate was closed and we had to get off and take other roads to get back onto the interstate farther north. We were very thankful to get home safely, and we feel so badly for all the people who lost their lives, homes, cars, possessions, etc. Here are a few pictures we took during our adventure.

This was the Cool Springs Mall parking lot.

And another in the Cool Springs area - that is Lifeway in the background.

Notice the fence in this picture.

Now, notice that fence again.

This wasn't supposed to be a lake house!

This was a golf course that became a rushing river. If you look close you can see rapids!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Friday was our last day of school! Me and the kids are sooo excited! The kids have achievement tests this week Wednesday through Friday, but they said that doesn't count as school because it is fun! The kids planned a suprise celebration party on Friday night all by themselves. They decorated with streamers, balloons, signs, flowers, etc. They had planned activities for the evening which included playing "School's Out For Summer" on Guitar Hero. They made gifts for Todd and me and wrapped them also. They did a great job of party planning all on their own. Todd has pictures in his camera, so hopefully I can post some of those soon! Today and tomorrow we are enjoying no school and then after their testing we'll be ready for summer!


Last weekend we got to visit with our friends Kara and Kyla! Kara had booked a wedding to shoot before they moved away, so she came back for that. We got to keep Kyla for the day while she was gone to the wedding. We had so much fun with her!

Bekah is showing off her muscles. She loves to pick up other children to show how strong she is.

On Friday night when they arrived Kara did pictures for 2 families from our church. We met them at the photo shoot so we could all go out to eat together afterward. Here is Bekah with Kyla and Hannah.
We really enjoyed our visit, but it was too short and made us miss them even more!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Last Thursday the local Christian radio station, WJIE, held an anniversary concert in Louisville. Todd decided on Tuesday to try to get tickets so we could attend, and it all worked out. We have friends who kept the kids and even let them spend the night since the concert was over later than their bedtime. There were 4 performers at the concert: Phil Stacey (from American Idol), Britt Nicole, Natalie Grant, and the David Crowder Band. Todd is a big fan of the David Crowder Band, so that is why he wanted to attend.

Here we are before the show!
Todd didn't take his camera, so we only had the point and shoot. So, the pictures are not great, but here they are.

Natalie Grant

David Crowder Band


My friend, Kathy Bradford, came up to Louisville April 23-25th. She used to be our neighbor in Louisville, but I hadn't seen her in several years! It was so good to catch up with her. Kathy is celebrating her 40th birthday this year. She called me last year and said that she was wanting to celebrate her 40th by running in 4 races with 4 friends. So, we got to run a race together while she was here! She came up to Louisville that particular weekend because she was singing in an anniversary celebration for her church that she attended up here. Well, that particular weekend was the weekend of the Derby Marathon and Half Marathon. Neither of us were ready to run that long of a race, so the only other option we found was a 2 miler. It was not a long race, but it was fun to run it together! I was happy to finish in 18:11 especially consindering there was a hill in the course!
Here we are after the race!
We got cleaned up and were able to spend some more time together driving around in Louisville and having lunch at The Grape Leaf.