Forever Young

Saturday, November 05, 2011


We enjoyed a fun Halloween/Reformation Day on Monday! Our friends, the Christensens came and spent the day with us which made it even more fun!

The kids woke up and had cards from Grandmom and Grandpa with a special green treat inside them! (And they got a little bit of candy from Mommy too!)

For lunch we made some fun food. We had Mummy hotdogs and fruit bowl jack-o-lanterns. The hotdogs were wrapped in bread stick dough and then baked to look like mummies and then we added mustard eyes. The fruit bowls were oranges that were carved like jack-o-lanterns and then filled with fruit.

Then for dessert we had ghosts which were frozen bananas dipped in white chocolate with peanut butter chip eyes and mouth.

Daddy helped them carve their pumpkins. Brandon's was Captain Rex from Star Wars.

Bekah made a girl jack-o-lantern that she named Pumpette. After lunch we added our fruit bowl jack-o-lanterns so Pumpette would have some children!

Zach and Ellie went trick-or-treating with us too! Ellie was a fairy princess and Zach was a giraffe.

Bekah was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz! Brandon decided he was not interested in dressing up and trick or treating this year. He did go walking with us and ended up with a little bit of candy anyway!

The first home was our next door neighbor's house!

Todd got some pictures of the pumpkins at night.

Bekah got a bucket full of candy.

We ended our night as we usually do: watching Luther in honor of Reformation Day. Todd usually secretly posts the 95 Theses on someone's door, but it was too late and he was too tired to do that this year.

The next morning Bekah got all her candy out and had it all sorted and organized by type!