Forever Young

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I have been trying to get out and walk a lot more often lately. The other day I was pushing Bekah in the stroller and she asked me, "Why do we go for a walk?" I told her, " So we can get our exercise." Then, later in the walk she kept saying, "Where is the exercise? We have to get it! Where is the exercise? Are we going to get it?"

Saturday, August 26, 2006


This past Wednesday, Todd took a comp day off from work (he had worked over a weekend, so he got to take time off). We spent the day at the Kentucky State Fair. This fair is HUGE and we hardly made a dent in what all there is to see and do. The fair also includes admission to Kentucky Kingdom (the 6 Flags amusement park). We spent from around noon until after 9 pm there and had a great time. This is the 5th state fair since we've been up here and we've never been to it, so we figured it was time to check it all out. (By the way, can you believe we've been up here that long?!!? It seems like we just moved!!) Anyway, some of the things we saw and did included racing pigs, Xtreme bikers and skateboarder, duck-herding dogs, walking, huge cows, sheep, walking, bees, roller coasters, helicopters, walking, military tanks, ferris wheels, slides, good barbecue, juggling, Tarc buses, corn dogs, walking, photography exhibits, jumping rope, funnel cakes, visiting with friends, ice cream, walking, ugly lamps, tatoos, elephant ears, a room full of balls, hay, corn and walking. And I'm sure there was much more!!

Monday, August 21, 2006


Brandon had another karate test on Saturday. He passed from yellow belt to orange belt!! Of course Mommy and Daddy were very proud of him!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Brandon lost another tooth!! His two front teeth have been loose for a while now. We always ask him if he wants us to pull them out for him (you know, tie a string to it and to a doorknob and close the door, etc.) and he always refuses!! Well, on Friday evening he was playing outside. He came in the house and said, "Daddy, when I get finished playing outside, I want you to pull my tooth out." We were very surprised. But, when he got finished playing, he was ready, and Todd pulled one of his front teeth out. The other one was not quite as loose, but it won't be long and it will be out also!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


This past weekend I went to see my one and only cousin, Kristy, graduate from college. She graduated from the University of Memphis with a Bachelors in Business. Her concentration is in hotel/motel management.
Mom and Dad with Brandon and Bekah (acting silly, as ususal ) awaiting the start of the ceremony! Kristy wanted Brandon to wear her sunglasses!! So silly!!!


On Tuesday, the 15th, my boys went back to school! We had to have a cake to celebrate the occasion. (Notice the bottom right hand corner where I ran out of white frosting!!)
Todd is taking Greek and Church History this semester, so he will be very busy!! He has Greek 4 mornings a week before work at 7 am! Church History is an evening class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Brandon is an official first grader!! We are still homeschooling and loving it!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006


Today was the last Saturday that we will have together as a family before Todd starts back to school. Boo hoo!! So, we decided to make the most of it and spend it at Brown County State Park. We had a great time doing all kinds of fun stuff together!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Brandon and Bekah got to experience their first trip to the county fair! We went to the Overton County fair while we were visiting with Travis, Jackie, and Ty.

Ty and Bekah loved the airplane ride! What cute cousins!!!

Brandon loved the race car. He also got to ride a "grown up" ride. Daddy took him on his first ferris wheel ride. He said he was just a little bit scared at first, but really enjoyed it.


We spent this past weekend in Tennessee with Todd's brother, Travis, and his family. We had a blast hanging out at the lake and riding on their boat. The weather was hot, so the water was great!!
Travis, Ty and Brandon are ready for a tube ride!
Me with Brandon and Bekah...just playing in the water!
Brandon jumped off the side of the boat again and again and again!
Bekah riding in her hippo and playing with Daddy!