Forever Young

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Anniversary Part 2

Here are a few of the many pictures that we took on our anniversary trip in Indianapolis:

This is us at the White River Gardens.

This is me inside the butterfly exhibit.

Todd at the zoo

This is what the bear thought of us!

This is me waiting for the dolphin show, which was very cool!

Here is Todd petting a shark.

Downtown Indy

This is where the Colts play!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Father's Day

Our family tradition is to start out Father's Day with some cinnamon rolls!

After church we took Todd to eat at one of his favorite places, Buffalo Wild Wings. Then we came home and he got cards and a gift from the kids. They put their own money together and bought him this coffee mug.

Silly Brandon!

Looks like Daddy is enjoying choking Brandon!

Then we took him to the store to pick out a bicycle! He's been wanting one for a while and it will be something fun he can do with the kids. (Especially when it's not as hot as it has been lately!)

He rode it around for a little while.

Then decided it was way too hot!

We ended the day by going to our friends, the VanFleets, house for some BBQ and swimming. It was a wonderful day!


We had Brandon's birthday party on Monday, the 21st. Two of his friends were gone to boy scout camp the week of his birthday, so he decided to wait until they were available to have the party (although one of them ended up being sick and couldn't come). Brandon chose to have a karate party and to go see The Karate Kid movie.

Here are the boys at the theater!

After the movie, we brought everyone home for pizza and cake. We had 2 more families join us for that part.

I baked and frosted the cake, and then Todd turned it into a karate robe and belt.

I ordered the plates, cups, napkins, etc. since I couldn't find any of that kind of stuff at the local party stores. I was kind of surprised there wasn't more available with the new movie coming out. But I am thankful I found stuff online!

I even found candles that were white with black stripes around them!

Present time!

One of his gifts was this huge watergun so after they ate they went out to try it out. All the boys went home soaked (and hopefully happy!).

Brandon is very blessed to have lots of great friends! We are so thankful for each of them!

Friday, June 25, 2010

15th Anniversary

On June 17th, Todd and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary! My parents took the kids home with them for a few days so Todd and I could celebrate. When I awoke that morning, Todd had roses and breakfast for me.

He worked that day, but was able to leave early. We took a trip to Indianapolis, Indiana that afternoon. We had dinner at a Carrabba's, one of our favorite places.

Todd got his all time favorite - Spiedino di Mare.

After dinner we went to the mall for a while, and then stayed the night at the Hilton Garden Inn.
The next day we spent at White River State Park in Indy and then headed home that night. We had a wonderful anniversary celebration. We thank God for his many blessings upon us and our marriage.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Brandon!

Yesterday my baby boy turned 10 years old! Grandmom and Grandpa Brooks were in town for Bekah's dance recital, so they got to spent his special day with us. I cooked his favorite breakfast, pancakes filled with peanut butter chips! Then we were off to the free summer kids movie at the theater, which was Ice Age - Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Some of our friends met us there to watch with us which was fun. Then we were home for a while before taking a trip to the library and Brandon's karate class. After Todd got home from work, Brandon got plenty of birthday gifts including a set of golf clubs and golf bag from the Grandparents. He decided he wanted to eat in Corydon, Indiana at Culvers for a butter burger and frozen custard. Then he wanted to go putt-putt golfing. Golf Shores in Corydon has an outdoor course as well as an indoor course. He had played the indoor course before, so he wanted to try the outdoor course this time. There was a storm coming in, but the lady at the desk checked the weather and said it would hit in about an hour, so we should have time to play before it got bad. Well, we only made it a few holes and then the storm came, but they let us switch and play the indoor course. It is a black light, 3-D course, so it was lots of fun. Then it was time to head home and put an end to his fun day!