Forever Young

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

Last week a group of us from church attended a Louisville Bats game. The weather was not too hot and it only sprinkled a little on us. We enjoyed the $1 hotdog and coke night! It was lots of fun!

Our friend, Steve, even caught a foul ball. He had everyone in our group sign it to remember the fun evening!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Date Night

Last Friday night was our date night (we are blessed to have friends that we swap kids with once a month). Since it was my birthday weekend, Todd surprised me and took me to the Spaghetti Factory for dinner. I love the mizithra cheese and browned butter spaghetti, and I even get dessert included, so I really enjoy eating there! After we ate dinner, we took a walk across the 2nd Street bridge. That is something we've never done since we have lived here. After that we walked down to 4th Street Live and browsed in a book store. It was a very nice evening out! Thanks Todd!


Here are some of the pictures from our trip to the zoo with Ty!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Silly Safari

Each summer the kids enjoy a Silly Safari show at our library. This is a group from Indianapolis that brings down a selection of animals to show the children. They teach them facts about the animals and let the kids pet some of the animals. Yesterday they got to see 2 rabbits, a tortoise, a skink, a millipede, a tree frog, a chicken, a snake, a baby alligator and a dog.

Here is Bekah petting a baby tortoise.
When it was Brandon's turn to pet the baby alligator, the lady said, "here, hold out your hands and you can hold him." After a moment of panic, he got brave and tried it!
Bekah's turn to pet the alligator
And, of course my pet-loving girl wanted to spend lots of time petting the dog!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Last week Brandon and Bekah got the pleasure of having their cousin, Ty, come for a visit. We spent one day at Lapping Park:

And we spent another day at Waterfront Park:

We also spent a day at the zoo. Todd went with us on that trip so he took "real" pictures! I'll try to post some of those also. One night Todd took the kids to the dollar theater to see Monsters vs Aliens. The kids also spent lots of time at home playing Legos and Transformers and Bionicles. We always enjoy our time with Ty, but unfortunately Travis and Jackie came up and took him back home with them.