Forever Young

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Well, the radiator hose broke on our car so it wasn't too bad to get fixed. The mechanic did say that all the hoses on the car were original (1992) and would likely not last much longer. So, we are keeping our eyes out for a good deal on a minivan.
Last night I attended the Disaster Relief training so that I can go to Mississippi and help with Katrina recovery. I am excited about going but of course there were the negatives they mentioned.....smell of dead fish and other animals, snakes, cold showers, tetanus shots, etc. Nonetheless, I can't wait to go and be able to help someone who has lost everything. Hopefully I can work things out to be able to go in the next month or so. They are sending teams down every week and probably will be for quite a while.

Friday, September 23, 2005


Today is my first time blogging. I am going to use this blog to keep everyone updated with our lives and whatever random thoughts I want to share.
Today we are headed to Maryville, Tennessee to spend the weekend with Todd's family. He will be celebrating his birthday on Sunday, so we are going home to celebrate with his family. Todd always wants his mom's cobbler cake with buttercream frosting for his birthday!
We were planning to be on the road by now, but my car is leaking coolant all over the driveway. It is good that I noticed this before we got stuck on the side of the road, but it is frustrating to not be able to leave when we had planned. Hopefully we will make it there before too late.
We would like to trade the car in for a minivan, but just don't want to spend the exta money. It is such a blessing not to have any car payments right now. We have said we would drive this car until it breaks.....seems like that might be now. We will have to see what the repair shop says and how much those repairs would cost.