Forever Young

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Brandon awoke this morning and reminded us all that it is St. Patrick's Day. He quickly changed into his green shirt and green pants! Then I cooked the kids a green breakfast!

Here are the green eggs I was scrambling. It looked fairly disgusting! (I will not eat them, Sam I Am. I will not eat green eggs and ham!)

Brandon was very excited to eat green eggs and toast with green butter. He even wanted me to make his milk green!

He did say the milk had a little different flavor, but he drank it anyway.

Bekah was not nearly as excited to eat green food! She reluctantly tried it, and then realized it tasted the same as normal. She ate her green food but opted to keep her milk white!

I let the kids watch this Veggie Tales movie clip so they would know what this day is all about.

If we have time, we're hoping to make some shamrock cookies later on today! It's always fun to turn a normal day into something special!


Sunday night at church the children were learning about obeying/disobeying God. Sometimes it is easy to obey, and sometimes it is hard to obey. They heard the story of Jonah disobeying and then obeying God. The teacher was trying to make it practical to the children and applying it to situations in their lives. So she told this scenario, "I am really short so I do not like to use my seat belt in the car. It is hard for me to obey that law because the seat belt rubs my neck and I just don't like it, etc." So she asked the kids what she could do about this. She was prompting them to think about the fact that they can always pray and ask God to help them obey even when it is hard. So, she told her scenario and asked what she could do. No one seemed to have any answers for her until Brandon piped up, "you could get a booster seat Mrs. Kimmy!" Me and Mrs. Kimmy got a good laugh out of that one!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Skill

Recently Brandon got to try a new skill: sewing! It was a project for the Boys Book Club that he is a part of. He made this pair of mittens all by himself! He enjoyed it a bunch!