Forever Young

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Bekah Quotes

Here are a few recent Bekah quotes for your enjoyment...

After our power was out for a week, I threw everything in the refrigerator away. We were eating lunch one day and I gave Bekah water to drink. She wanted something else to drink, so I told her to go look in the refrigerator. When she realized it was empty, she came back to the table and ate and drank her water. After lunch she asked, "Mommy, how did the wind blow all our food away?"

Today at lunch Bekah was eating an apple. Brandon asked, "Why do apples turn brown?" Bekah says, "it's decayed.." Brandon says, "huh?" Todd asks where she learned this word. Bekah says, "from the Science Kid...on TV."

Brandon went for his quarterly visit to the endocrinologist this week (everything is great). The doctor was asking Brandon how he was doing in school, etc. She said something like this, "Your diabetes is very important, but your school work is just as important," while holding up 2 of her fingers. Bekah interrupts and says, "I know what is important." "What?" says the Dr. Bekah answers, "God!" Way to go Bekah for making sure that Dr. has her priorities straight! The Dr. did agree that God was the most important of all.